Behind the scenes at the Gardens

There’s a part of the Morrab Gardens that visitors rarely see, but is an essential part of what we do in maintaining the Gardens.  Behind the scenes, the nursery area is where Joe and some of the volunteers from the Friends of Morrab Gardens put in a lot of their time and effort, propagating and nurturing young plants.  Some of these are planted out into the Gardens, others are grown for sale to the public at our Mazey Day plant sale – a valuable source of funds for the Friends of Morrab Gardens.

The 'dry' greenhouse where we raise succulents and cacti

At this time of year we need to keep young tender plants under cover, so we’re always short of space in the greenhouses.  And in a few months time we’ll need somewhere to keep those plants that are ready for sale.  So Joe worked out what he needed, and the Friends have paid for an additional greenhouse which is being put up at the moment.

Joe and the builders take a break from putting up the new greenhouse

And there are exciting plans for using the new greenhouse.  It will help us expand our plant sales – during the summer we’ll be selling plants on regular mornings each week.  Watch out for news of this!

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