After the arctic blast, artists turn up the heat!

After seeing the damage done by last week’s arctic weather and hearing the forecast of rain for the next two weeks, I feel in desperate need of some summer sunshine.  So we were delighted recently to see a painting inspired by the Morrab Gardens’ Wild Flower meadow in the height of summer – to look at it, one can feel the heat of a summer day!  This was painted by artist Theresa Shaw, and is featured on her website

Wild flower meadow, Morrab Gardens by Theresa Shaw, image courtesy of the artist

Theresa is an artist who loves to work with vibrant colour, strong shapes and multi-layered images.  She says of her work, “I’m continuing to push my work in different directions, trying new methods and ideas whilst always remaining inspired by the natural world and attempting to express that in a unique and personal way.”

Theresa has worked – as co-founder of a group of collaborating artists – with the National Trust, the Royal Horticultural Society and a range of other venues and events.  We hope she’ll continue to find inspiration in the Morrab Gardens!

You can see more art works inspired by the Gardens at Inspirations – how artists respond to the Morrab Gardens.

We would love to hear from creative people for whom the Morrab Gardens provide inspiration, subject matter or found objects for their work.  Please contact us with your stories. 


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