Buy a plant for Morrab

Time and tides wait for no man and the same is true of shrubs and trees. Over the years specimens have been lost to weather, disease and just old age in Morrab Gardens. The Friends – with considerable assistance from Burncoose Nurseries and donations from members – have launched a renewal programme to replace the ‘lost’.

The first batch of plants that have been bought with Friends’ donations has already arrived and will be planted out when conditions are suitable. The recent cold snap will have produced further losses and these are currently being assessed.

If you love the Morrab Gardens and would like to help our renewal programme, there’s still an opportunity to donate plants and see them in place over the coming season. If you buy a plant for Morrab you will be funding either the specific plant or one in the same price range. When it is planted we will write to you to tell you what your donation funded and where it is planted.

Update June 2018: our renewals list for this season is now fully subscribed; thank you to all Friends who generously supported this scheme.  Any further donations will be put towards replacing plants that were lost in the late frosts in March this year.

The picture below is a Araucaria heterophylla ‘Norfolk Island Pine’ purchased from a donation by a member in the first round of funding.

Araucaria heterophylla ‘Norfolk Island Pine’