Inspirations – how artists respond to the Morrab Gardens

Gardens throughout the ages have provided inspiration to artists, and many artists express their creativity through gardening as well as in the studio.  West Cornwall has been a favoured location for artists from the nineteenth century through to the present day, and we are proud of the special relationship we have with artists working in a range of media, in and around Penzance.

Tony Mills

Tony is a longtime supporter and member of the Friends of Morrab Gardens, and an accomplished photographer. His preferred subjects are wildlife, nature and landscape, always looking for that ‘new’ angle. Read about Tony, and see further examples of his work, at

Alison Faith Kay

Alison creates with foraged, fallen materials: petals, seeds, seed heads, flower heads, leaves, fronds, bark and wood.  She uses natural pigments and dyes which she creates from plant life.  You can see more of her work at

Andy Reid

Andy is a photographer who has done a lot of work in the Morrab Gardens, using the form and colour of flowers and foliage to create his stunning images.  Andy says, “my discovering Morrab has been a real treat, the well manicured gardens and diversity of plants and flowers appeals to my being drawn to colours, patterns, shapes an textures. Macro photography has become the core interest for my photography and I’m spoilt for choice in Morrab.”

Lee Stevenson

Lee works in several different media including paintings in oils, drawings in charcoal, monoprints and limited edition etchings and lino-cuts.  Lee grew up in Penzance and has always thought of these gardens as an exotic escape from the pressures of town life.  You can see more about Lee and his work at

  • The Bandstand, Morrab Gardens. A painting by Lee Stevenson
  • Morrab Gardens. A painting by Lee Stevenson
  • The Fountain A painting by Lee Stevenson
  • Windmill Palm. A painting by Lee Stevenson

Theresa Shaw

Theresa is an artist who loves to work with vibrant colour, strong shapes and multi-layered images.  She says of her work, “I’m continuing to push my work in different directions, trying new methods and ideas whilst always remaining inspired by the natural world and attempting to express that in a unique and personal way.”

Theresa has worked – as co-founder of a group of collaborating artists – with the National Trust, the Royal Horticultural Society and a range of other venues and events.

Image courtesy of the artist

We would love to hear from creative people for whom the Morrab Gardens provide inspiration, subject matter or found objects for their work.  Please contact us with your stories.