Julia Grigg’s Morrab Miscellany

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Come with me on a stroll through the alphabet…

I’m newly arrived in Penzance, coming at last to settle in Cornwall. To where I have history: my maternal grandmother having been born on St Michael’s Mount. Living in the neighbourhood of Morrab Gardens, I’m delighted to be contributing this blog through 2021 to the Gardens’ website.

What’s the idea?

To issue the blog fortnightly, following the alphabet from A – Z, to write something each time that’s relevant and relatable – possibly unexpected – across the spectrum of all things gardening.

Each time there’ll be a quotation from a notable source and then – true to the spirit of a miscellany – a focus around perhaps a snippet of garden design and/or horticultural history, a personality, or perhaps a poem or a flowery artwork, or even to include a philosophical musing. Gardens encourage contemplation, after all…

A for Acclimatisation

Julia Grigg muses on how plants from around the world have acclimatised to thrive in Cornwall in the first of her Morrab Miscellany blog posts

B for Boscawen, Branwell and Bennetts

Continuing her stroll through the alphabet, Julia Grigg reaches B and finds exotic trees and shrubs, an inspirational aunt and a music-loving ship owner

C for City Gardens

Julia contemplates city gardens, the quiet green places that are so calming and a haven for those of us who live with limited outside space. From the ideas of an early eighteenth century visionary to an escape from the stress of the modern day, Julia shows how gardens can enhance well-being

D for DH Lawrence, Darwin and his Dogs

In Julia’s Morrab Miscellany through the alphabet we arrive at D, where we learn about DH Lawrence and the time he and his wife Frieda spent in West Cornwall, and how Charles Darwin’s beloved dogs helped him develop his influential ideas.

E for Exotic Eucalyptus trees

Eucalyptus trees are a notable feature of Morrab Gardens, and provide inspiration here for Julia Grigg’s Morrab Miscellany

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