Fountain in the Islamic Paradise Garden of the Alcazaba of Almería, Spain.

Paradise Gardens – an inspiration for garden enthusiasts: Julia Grigg’s Morrab Miscellany

Gardens have long been a place for reflection and contemplation, for seeking inspiration. In her Morrab Miscellany, Julia Grigg considers classic examples of a tranquil space, the Paradise Gardens, from their origins in ancient Persia to their adoption throughout the Islamic world and beyond.
Spring flowers - daffodils flowering in Morrab Gardens

F for the First Day of Spring: Julia Grigg's Morrab Miscellany

In this Morrab Miscellany, Julia Grigg celebrates the First day of Astronomical Spring, and a quintessentially English piece of music inspired by the sound of the First Cuckoo. And Spring in Cornwall is not complete without our flowers - particularly the daffodils that are sent 'up country' to give others a foretaste of the unfolding season.

How a passion for plants drove the creation of a business: Guest Blog

Cornwall Plants is an online garden nursery selling plants, bulbs, seeds and accessories which they post direct to the buyer. Becky Mole is the driving force behind the business, and here she describes how she built it from scratch over the past 15 years to the point where she now sell direct from her website as well as online shops and - when able to - at physical shows and fairs.

D for DH Lawrence, Darwin and his Dogs: Julia Grigg's Morrab Miscellany

In Julia's Morrab Miscellany through the alphabet we arrive at D, where we learn about DH Lawrence and the time he and his wife Frieda spent in West Cornwall, and how Charles Darwin's beloved dogs helped him develop his influential ideas.