The yearly pleasure of flowers that return each spring

Flowering bulbs are so rewarding in any garden, no matter how big or small.  We can, with an easy conscience, ignore them for most of the year but they will reliably return each spring to bring colour to forgotten corners of the garden.  They will take the opportunity to flourish under deciduous trees and shrubs, before the leaf canopy develops to shade them out.  And the display of flowers provides a yearly reminder of our reasons for planting them.

Eighteen months ago, pupils from primary schools in Penzance visited the Morrab Gardens to plant crocus bulbs which had been donated by local Rotarians, in celebration of their campaign to rid the world of a disease that once infected hundreds of children every single day. The ‘Purple for Polio’ campaign supports the work of Rotary International and their partners, who have, for over 30 years, been fighting to eradicate polio throughout the world. They have been so successful that there were only 22 cases in 2017, but until the world is declared free of polio the work must go on.

Our purple crocuses are a reminder of this work, and a tribute to local Rotarians who have contributed to it.


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